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About Us

About ASPA Group

We are a consortium on corporations and individuals summoning an array of professionals with solid academic backgrounds, from post graduate certificate holders to Ph.Ds, mustering an unparalleled array of cultural resource expertise available in one company offering a multidisciplinary services fo the preservation of the Iberoamerican culture.


Our focus is the development of innovative models of cultural resources management specializing in large scale regeneration and conservation projects catering commercial and government customers in developing markets.

At the moment we are dedicated to implement a comprehensive regeneration plan for the historical district of Quito (Ecuador).

Our Mission

To provide turn-key solutions to a wide variety of clients that will allow an efficient and productive model to be compatibilized with the requirements of cultural and heritage preservation.

We believe that any cultural preservation project must include that active participation of the community it will serve hence, the inclusion of all the agents in the community our projects are based on is a must whether it is with the executions of open forums to de democratization of capital investments que value sustained and inclusive development in the long term. To do this we have committed our institutional values to work with cutting edge technology and the generation of spaces for opening participations that the community can use to ensure fair inclusion.

We strive to provide not only with the highest standards of the industry in cultural preservation and restoration but embrace the commitment to reach local expertise, improve the existent know how, and show case it in international venues so newly acquired expertise or the resurgence of ancestral knowledge can be incorporated to the assets of the community in the long term. This process includes sociological considerations in how to approach project implementations to meeting beyond the requirements in environmental and safety regulations.

Our model is based in the creation of economically successful projects that would allow sustainability in the long term which benefits will remain in the community improving local living conditions. We are convinced that communities of entrepreneurs will be the base on which prosperity will be build. From fiscal stability to community development, from historical preservation to cultural innovation, private enterprises could and have to lead the way of development.

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