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Our Services

ASPA is a consortium specialized in cultural services related to Architectural History, History, Archives, Collections Management, Museum Services, GIS, Documentary Media, Public Affairs, Historical Sites Management, Urban Regeneration and Cultural Tourism. We have the capacity to develop specific projects to private and public entities.


We are committed to offer an innovative approach focused on a sustainable business model.

Political Reach

We have been able to lobby and influence political decision maker in the newly elected municipal administration.


Years of experience in the historical district provide us with a vantage point in the assessment of FODA analysis in the area.

Intentional Reach

We have the experience and the network to reach international investors.


Architectural History

providing a suite of historic built environment services as well as highly specialized tasks such as historic preservation services, restoration and reuse planning, economic analysis, and tax strategy.

History & Archives

Providing historical, archival, and oral history services as well as paleography, historic document translation and preservation, and cultural ethnography.

Museum Services and Exhibition Design

      • Museum Services: Offering museum services ranging from collections management, to turnkey exhibitions and interactives, to interpretive and strategic planning
      • Collections: We provide the services of international Collections Management Specialists and Archivists ready to assist you in getting successful management of your collection. Cataloging, rehousing, packing & shipping, relocation, and short or long-term storage, the building of management databases, 3D scanning of objects, measured drawings, and archival photography and scanning.
      • Exhibitions: we provide the services of curators, content developers, researchers, and designers who create engaging virtual or physical exhibitions, walking trails, smartphone tours, education programs, or interactives.
Consultancy in regulatory requirement or a public relations

Consultancy in regulatory requirement or a public relations initiative to share interesting archaeological, historical, biographical, architectural, or cultural discoveries with a broader audience.

Strategic Planning

museum planning services including the crafting of plans that exemplify museum standards and best practices including management plans, interpretive planning, and disaster planning.


To execute “emblematic” projects, strategically located in the historic district that will serve as showcase of our capabilities and broader scope as a corporation.

To create a sustained and reliable influx of ‘users’ for our network of clients. To mediate the development of new standards in the public administrations that will transform the municipality from a hurdle to private investors to a facilitator of development, investment and re-generations in the historic district. To create a successful marketing campaign that will attract a new wave of consumers and homeowners in the historic district.

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